Adedigba, Olabisi ; Agarry, Rachael Ojima (2013)

Development can neither be attainable nor sustainable without children. The child is the future pool on which the future generation is predicted. There are strong linkages between early education and sustainable development. A nation that desires economic growth and productivity must make education and care of the young ones issues of consideration. Children have enormous potentials for societal transformation and development. But they can hardly assume this front seat without adequate preparations, good care and education, as well as support from the society. There is a need to make deliberate and conscious effort to invest into our children’s early years. The onus is now on parents, care-givers, child educators, the society, the government and all stakeholders to make significant increase investments in early childhood development and care. Therefore, the paper aims to highlight the importance of the early years and the need for early intervention, assess the contribution of early childhood care and education to sustainable development, describe the qualities of early childhood care and education programme that can impact a nation’s development and suggest ways to better improve the Nigeria’s early child care and education programme.