Agarry, Rachael Ojima (2016-07)

Parenting is a sensitive and one of the most difficult tasks of man particularly in this modern world. It is the application of the combination of skills and experiences acquired by adults in raising their children in order to make them what they desire of them. There are four types of parenting styles of which individual parents (consciously or unconsciously) employ one or a combination of the styles in raising their young ones. These are authoritarian, authoritative, indulgent and uninvolved parenting styles. In this study, only the authoritarian parenting style and its influence on childhood socialisation was the focus. Descriptive survey research design was adopted. Three hundred and ninety-one (391) primary three school pupils were randomly selected from fifteen different primary schools in Ilorin metropolis to participate in the study. A twenty (20) item questionnaire titled “Authoritarian Parenting and Childhood Socialisation Questionnaire (APCSQ)” with reliability coefficient of 0.72 was used. Data collected was analysed using frequency counts and simple percentage. Findings revealed that the authoritarian parenting style negatively influence childhood socialisation especially in children’s interaction with peers. It was concluded that parents who are authoritarian over their children do not only limit their children’s ability to develop social skills but destroy their self-worth, confidence as well as decision making which will go a long way to affect them in the future. Schools and family-related agencies should provide services for affected children and/or organise seminars or workshops on parenting education as well as enlighten parents on the dangers this style of parenting post on their children and the society at large.