An Assessment of Streetscape Infrastructure in Ilorin Metropolis, Nigeria

Abdulraheem, M. O. ; Suleiman, A. R. ; Alao, R. O. ; Alimi, R. K. ; Alade, A. K. ; Garba, I. O. (2018)

Rapid rate of urbanization, non-compliance with planning standards and increasing pressure on vehicular transport has precipitated series of problems that have threatened functionality of streetscape infrastructure in Nigeria. Streetscape infrastructure include street lights, street trees & landscape strips, sidewalks, bus shelters, sign posts, drainages and speed limiters amongst others. This study assesses their availability, functionality, condition and desirability in Ilorin metropolis, Nigeria. Data were collected using structured questionnaire and Twenty-six streets were sampled across the three local government areas.310 respondents were sampled while data analysis was done using SPSS version 16 software package. Frequency tables and percentages were used to present the statistics generated. Results revealed that 54% of the entire streetscape infrastructure is considered inadequate. However, most respondents are satisfied with the level of availability of some streetscape infrastructures i.e. street lights, drainages, speed bump sand speed limit signs. 52% of the respondents confirmed that infrastructure such as sidewalks, sit outs; trees & landscape strips, bus shelters and waste cans are not functional. Study concludes that deficiency and poor condition of the streetscape infrastructure predispose pedestrians to dangers of road accidents while creating transport, economic, health and urban management problems. Recommendation is made for adequate provision and efficient management of streetscape infrastructure to achieve satisfactory, functional, safe, aesthetically pleasing vehicular and pedestrian routes. These are basic necessities for sustainability and efficiency of cities in the 21st century.