Teachers’ attitudes towards inclusive educational practices in upper basic schools in Ilorin, Nigeria

Balogun, Idayat Nike ; Olokooba, Issa Nasiru (2020-09)

Empirical study


This research work explored the attitudes of teachers towards inclusive educational practices in upper basic schools in Ilorin, Nigeria. It adopted a descriptive research design. Eight schools from public and seven from private were selected, using purposive random sampling technique. 200 respondents were selected from selected schools using simple random sampling technique. One research question was answered and three null hypotheses were tested. Data collected through a researcher designed questionnaire were analyzed using descriptive and inferential statistics. The findings revealed that the attitudes of the teachers towards inclusive educational practices was negative. The finding of the study also showed that, years of teaching experience is not a determinant of teachers’ attitude towards inclusive education as there was no significant difference in the attitude of teachers based on years of experience. Finally, it was also discovered that teachers do not have different opinion in their perception on the inclusive educational practices. Based on these findings, it was recommended that students with special needs should be placed in a separate school so that teachers who are trained specifically for students who falls into such category would equip them passionately with necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes that make them responsible and recognisable members of their society.