Development of 3-Axes Accelerometer Wireless Sensor Nodes for Pipeline Monitoring.

Ayinla, S.L., Ajiboye, A.T., Yusuf, A.O., Dilibe, C.G., & Ajayi A.R. (2019)


Wireless Sensor Nodes have been deployed in a wide variety of applications because of their enormous potential to monitor environmental variables. They offer cost effective solution in detecting and localizing leak points in pipeline network. This paper describes the development of 3-axes accelerometer wireless sensor nodes for pipeline monitoring. MMA7361L IC based accelerometer produced by Sunrom was used as the sensing unit, PIC18 microcontroller family forms the processing unit, communication was made possible with KYL-500S mini data transceiver module and the whole unit was powered by a 9V alkaline battery. The PIC18 microcontrollers programmed in embedded C Language receive the signals from the accelerometer and convert them to digital; store the digitalized data to finally deliver them to its KYL-500S transceiver module for transmission. An Operating System (OS) was written to tie the various interfaces together to define how data are acquired, processed and communication setup for interconnection. Universal Serial Bus (USB) connection was implemented to enable communication between the sensor nodes and Personal Computer (PC) which serve as the Base Station (BS). Graphical User Interface (GUI) was developed with Microsoft Visual Studio IDE written in Visual Basic.NET. The designed wireless sensor nodes were tested in the laboratory using the Shake Table method and then deployed on an experimental testbed for measuring vibration on the pipeline surface to determine change in acceleration caused by simulated leakage and data was subsequently recorded at the base station. The developed sensor nodes were compared with standard nodes using IEEE 802.15.4 standard. The developed sensor nodes can also be used for further research activities in wireless sensor network such as structural health monitoring of long span infrastructure and environmental protection.