Efficient Channel Utilization of Radio Resources in W-CDMA Communication Network Using Dynamic Scheduling Technique

Osuesu, B.O., Idigo, V.E., Ayinla, S.L. & Nwalozie, G.C. (2018)


The ever-increasing demand on mobile wireless operators to provide efficient voice and high speed data services has led to search for powerful methods to share the available spectrum in most efficient way. Therefore, in order to guarantee the user QoS requirements with high utilization of the radio resources in Wide Band Code Division Multiple Access (WCDMA)-based cellular networks, both the channel rate and transmission power of each user should be dynamically adjusted. Against this back drop, this work has achieved the incorporation of Dynamic Schedulers (DS) in WCDMA Base stations. The Dynamic Schedulers serve as the main switching technique in the traffic concentration node cells. The Dynamic Schedulers therefore, distribute the available system resources to users in each scheduling time interval according to individual bandwidth and QoS requirement. The work used the MTN RFC 2544 standard for benchmarking the QoS metrics of their WCDMA network in Awka. A validation on the performance of the developed scheme using both field and simulated datasets were obtained. From the assessment of results, the Dynamic Schedulers were able to substantially improve on the performance of the reference network particularly in the areas of dropped calls and latency in all cases. This could lead to improved service delivery in Nigeria as case reference.