Simple Cryptographic Data Security Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Network

Obiakor, C.L., Azubogu, A.C.O. & Ayinla, S.L. (2017)


Wireless sensor network (WSN) popularity is increasing for a wide variety of applications, yet the integrity and confidentiality of transmitted data remain one of the major barriers to its full exploitation. In this paper, a light-weight symmetric cryptographic algorithm was developed to encrypt and decrypt data transmitted between the terminal nodes and base station of the experimental WSN testbed developed for pipeline monitoring. This WSN incorporate accelerometers for measuring induced vibration non-invasively and has 5 terminal nodes that communicates to the sink node, which discards corrupt data, aggregates the uncorrupted data and forwards to the base station. A simulator running on a Visual Basic Interface was also developed to test the efficiency and functionality of the developed algorithm. Data was got by simulating leakage at different points of the pipeline with the opening and closing of the valves. The effect of simulated leakage in terms of amplitude of acceleration (vibration change) was found to be proportional to the leak location and sensor nodes location. The results generated from these simulations were implemented with the developed cryptographic simulator, to show how encryption and decryption of data at the different nodes are achieved.