Value Chain Analysis and the Performance of Small Scale Agri-business: Evidence from Cultured Fish Farmers Kwara State


Agricultural Production/Marketing


The study examined the influence of value chain analysis on the performance of small scale cultured fish farmers in Kwara state. The objective of the study is to determine the influence of value chain on the performance (i.e. cost and returns and marketing efficiency) of small scale agri-business farmers. A total of 63 registered cultured fish farmers were selected from the sampling frame through random sampling techniques. The study’s data was collected through primary and secondary sources. The primary was collected through a structured questionnaire, while, the secondary was sourced from the selected agri-business firms records. Descriptive statistics was used as analytical technique. The study revealed a net farm income estimate of N4, 371.76 per m 2 /cycle with a rate of return calculated at 160% for cultured fish production in Kwara State. The total marketing cost per kilogram of consumer price is N500.00 and the results however show that the market price is far from been efficient (40%). It was recommended that there should be policy thrust that will enlighten cultured fish farmers that value chain analysis leads to improvement in firms’ performance through enhanced cost and returns and marketing efficiency.