): Banditry in North-West Nigeria: Multifaceted Strategy as Panacea to Challenges of Insecurity in the Region.

Edun, Abdulkareem Jimoh ; Ibrahim, Salawu Ogirima (2019)


Armed banditry, which involves raiding and counter raiding between communities, killings, and kidnapping for ransom, has become security nightmare for the inhabitants of states that lie within the North West region of Nigeria. Military Operations such as Sarun Dagi and Kaima (I-III) were launched by the Federal Government of Nigeria to tackle the insecurity, still the phenomenon has become more complex with daily occurrences in Zamfara-Kaduna Axis. This paper seeks to investigate the nature and dynamics of armed banditry in the region with a view to proffer symmetrical panacea to the crisis. Adopting descriptive research methodology where data were sourced from both primary and secondary sources and were analyzed qualitatively. Governance theory was used as theoretical framework to analyze the trends of armed banditry in the region. This theory hinges on the capability of government to promote governance. Finding reveals that the conflict is multifarious in nature – it is social, economical, political and military in nature. Therefore, it is recommended among others, that for peace to be guaranteed in the region, an overarching expansive strategy that will take into consideration the interwoven nature of the insecurity in the region must be adopted