Assessment of solid waste management in selected markets in Ilorin, Nigeria

Ola, A. B. ; Raheem, W. A. ; Raheem, W. M. ; Ibrahim, Ridwan (2020)

Book chapter

Achieving healthy urban environment in Nigeria entails effective management of market wastes. This study was undertaken to examine effectiveness of solid waste management in market places in Ilorin, Kwara State. A total of five markets spread among the three Local Government Areas of the city were selected for study. A structured questionnaire, containing information on the nature of wastes generated in the markets, means of storing waste, frequency of waste disposal, perceived efficiency of the Kwara State Waste Management Authority among others was used to obtain information from 194 market traders systematically selected from the five markets. Descriptive statistics (frequency and percentages) and inferential statistics (Pearson correlation) were used in analyzing the data obtained. The study revealed that paper (34.7%) and vegetable (29.8%) constituted the dominant wastes in the markets, plastic basket (45.3%) and paper cartons (30%) were the dominant waste storage containers used by the traders, majority (75.4%) of the traders emptied their wastes into the public stationary containers provided in the markets, Kwara State Waste Management Authority was solely responsible for waste collection in the markets and collection was carried out every couple of days (53.1%) mostly in the evening (49.8%). The performance of the Authority was found to be relatively satisfactory (54.3%). It was established through Pearson correlation analysis that there was significant relationship between traders’ income status and the choice of waste receptacle.The wastes evacuated from the markets are carelessly disposed in the only dumpsite maintained by the Authority. Adopting a more hygienic and environmental-friendly waste disposal facilities such as sanitary landfills is recommended.