Legal Status of "Introduction" in an Islamic Marriage in Ilorin within the Nigerian Marriage System

ISMAEL, Ismael Saka ; YUSUF, Ismail Danjuma (2017)


In Nigeria, marriage as traditionally known from customary and religious perspectives, no doubt denotes a union of man and a woman (or women). Islamic Law, as a complete code, designs and prescribes the requirements of marriage. However, these days, it has become a vogue among the Muslims, the prevalence of the nomenclature of "Introduction" which is an art of ceremonial meeting of the families of the couple to the marriage before the actual marriage. This paper dissects the nomenclature called "introduction" and provides answer to the issue of whether this meeting amounts to a valid marriage or not as stipulated by shariah. It also serves as a clarion call on Muslims to adhere to Islamic mode of marriage without being extravagant. Observation, participation and doctrinal methodologies have been adopted for this paper.