The influence of the frequency of biology practical classes and biology teachers’ qualification on senior school students’ knowledge of biological drawings

Akintola, David Akinjide ; Ayanlola, Gabriel Olawumi ; Sulaiman, Musa Mohammed (2021-01-27)


Despite the importance of Biology in several arears of human endeavors, teaching of practical has been handled with levity both by the teachers and the students. Studies indicated that teachers’ factors, ways and manners related to the teaching of the subject and qualification of Biology teachers are among numerous factors causing students’ poor achievements in Biology. Results from studies suggest that biological drawings could be used to facilitate students’ learning. This study assessed the knowledge of biological drawings possessed by senior school (SS) students based on frequency of Biology practical classes taught by teachers and teachers’ qualification in Oyo State, Nigeria. Descriptive research was employed. A total of 657 Biology students were randomly sampled for the study. Students’ Biological Drawings Achievement Test (SBDAT) was the instrument used with the reliability coefficient of 0.70 using test-retest method. Two hypotheses were generated and tested. Data were analyzed using t-test and ANOVA. Findings of the study showed that; the frequency of Biology practical classes students are exposed to and teachers’ qualification significantly influenced the knowledge of biological drawings possessed by students in Oyo state, Nigeria. It was recommended among others that students should be exposed to high frequency of practical classes. Also, qualified teachers should teach biological drawings in schools.