Spatial variability analysis of duty cycle in GSM band

Faruk, Nasir ; Imam-Fulani, Yusuf ; Sikiru, Ismael, A. ; popoola, Segun, I. ; Oloyede, Abdulkarim, A ; Olawoyin, Lukmon, A. ; Surajudeen-Bakinde, N. , T. (2018-02-08)

2017 IEEE 3rd International Conference on Electro-Technology for National Development (NIGERCON)


The introduction of new kinds of technological products, applications and services that rely on wireless communications has resulted into an upsurge in global mobile data traffic. There is, therefore, a need to investigate the efficient utilization of the limited available radio spectrum. In this paper, we examine the spatial variation of spectrum occupancy (i.e. duty cycle) in the GSM 900 MHz band within Kwara State, Nigeria. Experimental results show that there is a very high spatial variance in duty cycle from one location to the other with mean occupancies of 1.67% and 17.76% in rural and urban locations respectively. It is worthy to mention that some rural locations recorded 0% duty cycle. Therefore, the telecommunication industry in Nigeria should adopt useful techniques to maximize the scarce radio resources, especially for rural areas.