Fundamental Objectives and Directive Principles of State Policy in Constitutions: The Nigeria and India Experience

Adebayo, Mahmud Kayode ; Da'ud, Kamla Alhaji ; Bazza, Issa Hadiza (2007)



The concept of fundamental objectives and directive principles of state policy as proclaimed in constitutions deals with a range of subjects ranging from freedom, equality, justice, participatory democracy, to social justice as the ideas upon which the nation is founded and declares by way of amplification that the welfare of the citizens shall be the primary purpose of government. it is important and worthy of note that the ideas and values to be enshrined in the constitution should be truly fundamental ones, widely shared in the community and not sectional objectives of a group or the particulasr social and economic policies of a ruling party. By enshrining the concept of fundamental objectives and directives principles of state policy in constitutions, the direction in which the state is to go in its economic life is thus made clear for all to see and uncertainty and controversy are removed. These ideas and objectives are not immutable, the fact that they are included in the constitution, they are relevant in value, time and place, hence the focus of this paper for the justifiably and enforceability of these rights.