Capacity Building and Skill Acquisition Programmes for Sustainable Community Development among the Coprs Members in Ogun State

Olawuni, Abiodun Olufemi (2014-06)


Due to rapid turn-out of graduates from Nigerian Universities and Polytechnics yearly and the present situation of unemployment rates in Nigeria, National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) headquarters in Abuja sees the needs to intensify skills acquisition programme on the scheme. The Department of Skills Acquisition and Entrepreneurship Development (SAED) was a newly created department to formulate and implement policies on Corps Entrepreneurship development programmes and to develop and build partnerships with stakeholders on entrepreneurship issues. The NYSC SAED project seeks to contribute meaningfully to the attainment of the Millennium Development Goal. The project is a nationwide initiative targeted at young Nigeria graduates mobilized and deployed in a one year mandatory service. The key activities of SAED are to sensitize and mobilized the corps members to enroll into the Skills Acquisition and Entrepreneurship Development programme. The corps members are to organize entrepreneurship and hands-on training inside and outside the orientation camp. Corps members are then attached to the various organizations for skill acquisition and entrepreneurship development. Capacity building as a strategy is basically about actions of improving organizational and project effectiveness and efficiency. In NYSC, capacity building prong will focus on the organizational capacity of NYSC SAED to fulfill her role as the coordinators and drivers of the project and prong the capacity of corps members to transit from employment seekers to employers of labour. Key words: capacity building, sustainable community development, corps members skills acquisition.