Energy and Exergy Analysis of a Thermally Dried Galvanized Roofing Sheets Production Process

1. Ohijeagbon, I. O. ; Ibrahim, H. K. ; Adewuyi, O. A. ; Fayomi, A. A. (2020)


Abstract: Energy and exergy analysis of a thermally dried galvanized roofing sheets production plant was investigated. Data related to the operating units of the plant were analysed and used for the parametric analysis of the energy and exergy performance of the plant. The highest energy efficiency experienced in the precuring operation was in the pre-mixing and mixing operating units with a value of 90.91% each. The energy efficiency in the boiler and autoclave units of the curing operations were found to be 78.02 and 82.04% respectively. The boiler had a higher exergy efficiency of 58.31% compared to the autoclave with an exergy efficiency of 19.06%. The parametric analysis of the autoclave shows that the energy efficiency and exergy destruction both increased from 75.33 to 84.71% and from 54.72 to 95.70% as the exit temperature reduced from 100 to 30oC, while the exergy efficiency reduced from 45.28 to 4.30% within the same exit temperature range. The overall energy and exergy efficiencies of the plant were obtained as 80.03% and 42.13%. The method provides an approach to mitigate operational losses and enhance efficient utilization of energy of thermally dried galvanized roofing sheets production plants and similar industrial processes.