After-Life in Islam and Its Interpretation by Boko Haram Fundamentalists in Nigeria

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Department of Sociology, University of Ilorin


The recent patterns of intolerance and bombings with religious undertones in major parts of Nigeria show that the country is no longer a mode! of religious tolerance. This is a problem that calls for academic investigation. Some of the suicide bombings resulted in extremely serious loss of lives and destruction of property. These religious developments throw up the issue of after-life in religions; particularly how the sect "Jama 'atu Ahlis Sunnah Lidda' await Wal-jihad", popularly known in the media as Boko Haram interprets after-life. This is especially because the actors of the Nigerian Boko Haram claim to be propagating the Prophet 's teaching and jihad. They voice visions of after-life and defence of Islam in their public statements. Therefore, the objective of the paper is to examine the Islamic views on oneness of Gad, after-life, and Baka Haram phenomenon in Nigeria. The paper, using historical and analytical methods, argues that in the sacred texts and traditions of most religions are found basis for violence and doctrines that are subject to contradictory interpretations. This accounts for the reason why people take to fanaticism, suicide mission and bombings in the name of God. The paper recommends and concludes that in the 21'1 Century, people should recognize and appreciate the supremacy of citizenship over religious or ethnic claims. This is the challenge of globalization.



Afterlife, Fundamentalism, Islam, Quran