Xenophobic attacks in South Africa and intra-African relations

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Nigerian Political Science Association, South East Zone


Xenophobia is not a phenomenon that is limited or restricted to South Africa. It is prevalent in other countries like India, Pakistan and Germany. Since the 1980s, Xenophobia has become a source of concern to scholars because of its adverse effects on the people; notably Africans and indeed, Nigerians, who struggle to benefit from the available resources with South Africans. The objective of this paper is to carry out an in-depth analysis of the concept of Xenophobia; its causes such as unemployment and decaying infrastructure and how the series of attacks would impact on intra-African relations since the first case of Xenophobia was recorded in 1994, till 2017. The paper has revealed that if the attacks persist, it will result in diplomatic row, especially, between South Africa and African states. This paper was anchored on the linkage theory while the research methodology that was employed was qualitative, using mainly secondary data. This paper recommends that African states and people should depend less on South Africa and look inward by developing their economies, encourage more foreign direct investments and ensuring that lives and property of Africans are always protected, either at home or abroad.


Xenophobic attacks in South Africa and intra-African relations


African Relations, South Africa, Violence, Xenophobia