Counselling and the Girl-Child Education

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Department of Arts and Education, Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida University, Lapai, Nigeria


Education is a fundamental human right that should be given to all citizens irrespective of gender. Education is essential to prepare the girl child for healthy, safe and productive transition to adulthood. Creating access to education for a girl child is one of the most powerful ways of fighting poverty. However, girl child education has suffered a lot of neglect in Nigeria. The problem of girl child education may emanate from the level of poverty in the country, culture and beliefs, early marriage and others. Improving girl-child education has become important if meaningful development is to take place in the country. Therefore, counseling is needed to improve participation of girl child in education. Suggestions were made that Government must create an enabling environment to facilitate participation of girl child in all spheres of the society. Counselors should create awareness through public enlightments, seminars, and workshops on the benefits of educating the girl child so as to enable her contribute immensely to the society and national development.