Chemical, Anti-Nutritional and Sensory Attributes of Melon Enriched Gari

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Federal University of Technology, Akure


This study was carried out to determine the chemical, anti-nutritional and sensory quality attributes of melon enriched gari. Freshly harvested cassava was peeled, washed and grated into pulp. Cassava pulp and melon flour were mixed together in ratio 90:10 and 80:20 respectively. The fermented mixture was packaged in a sack and fermented for five days. The fermented mixture was dewatered and samples taken each day, pulverized and toasted. Proximate, mineral, anti-nutritional factors and sensory quality attributes of the gari were determined. Protein content ranged from 0.83-8.86 % in the gari with 20% melon. Fat and crude fibre increased with melon substitution. Carbohydrate contents of the control were higher than melon substituted gari. The pH ranged from 5.5 in control day 5 to 6.6 in enriched gari at 20 % level. Higher potassium and sodium were observed in the control gari while the melon substituted gari had higher values in the calcium, magnesium and phosphorus. Oxalate, tannin and hydrogen cyanide contents ranged from 0.27-1.35 mg/g, 0.24-0.69 mg/g and 0.05-0.18 mg/g respectively in the gari. Sensory evaluation conducted showed no significant differences (p<0.05) in the texture of the control gari from day one to five but there were significant differences (p>0.05) in the texture, aroma and appearance of melon fortified gari. The longer the fermentation of gari fortified with melon, the better it becomes in term of the sensory quality attributes. Enrichment of gari with 10 % melon in day 3 to 5 was more acceptable in terms of texture, appearance and overall acceptability. The protein contents of gari increased with increase in the level of melon flour addition.



Cassava, Gari,, Melon, Mineral, Proximate


13 Abiodun, O.A., Adepeju, A.B., Odedeji, J.O. & Amanyunose, A.A (2016): Chemical, anti-nutritional and sensory attributes of melon enriched gari. Applied Tropical Agriculture. 21 (2); 14-19. Published by Federal University of Technology, Akure, Nigeria.