Challenges facing Students from Francophone Countries in the Nigerian Universities: A Case Study of University of Ilorin

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College of Humanities and Social Sciences, Kampala International University, Uganda.


Nigeria being the giant of Africa has become attractive to many countries in Africa particularly sub-saharan francophone countries. This has led to the immigration of francophone students to Nigeria in search of adequate knowledge and more opportunities in order to be part of the development of globalization. This study therefore examined the challenges faced by Francophone students in Nigerian Universities using descriptive survey method. Purposive sampling technique was used to select all the one hundred (100) francophone students in the university and a research -designed questionnaire, titled "challenges facing Francophone students in the Nigerian Universities" was used to elicit personal information of the respondents. The data collected were analyzed using the mean rating and the t-test. It was revealed that language barrier, poor immersion programme, lack of cultural understanding among others were the challenges facing students from francophone countries in Nigerian Universities. It was however recommended that orientation programme on the country's cultural values and norms should be organised by the school management so has to enlighten students.



Francophone, immersion, international education.