Sociological perspective of conflict aspect in schooling

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Department of Sociology, University of Ilorin


This paper examines the sociological perspective of the conflict aspect of schooling. Its objective is to analyze and discuss the fundamental principles that have treaties involving conflicts of interests that exist in the school system, particularly between the teachers and the learners. Thus, liberal and social democratic perspectives of conflict theory are analyzed and discussed in this paper. It also suggests the way forward. It concludes that the school is held together, not by consensus over values but by coercion, that is, the ability of the school authority to oppose and contain the interests ul actions of the pupils. A study like this would improve our understanding and ultimately guide our knowledge to contribute to the strengthening of our school system's survival and the much needed cordial relationship that is required for schooling our children to survive in the mode/ dynamic society.



Conflicts, Schooling, Organization, Curriculum, Strain


Amali, I.O.O & Bello, M.B. (2011): Sociological perspective of conflict aspect in schooling. Ilorin Journal of Sociology. 3 (2); 143-151,