Assessing Confidence Level of Pre-Service Primary Education Teachers in Teaching Mathematics and Science for Sustainable Development in Ilorin Metropolis

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Journal of Early Childhood Association of Nigeria (JECAN)


Pre-service teachers’ confidence is important not only because of the potential to replicate positive or negative effect in students but also because pre-teacher confidence has been Linked to the quality of pedagogy. This study adopted a descriptive survey design to assess the confidence level of pre-service primary education teachers io leaching Mathematics and Science for sustainable development in Ilorin metropolis. Simple random sampling technique was adopted to select 300 final year students of Primary Education Studies in higher institutions within Ilorin. A researcher designed questionnaire entitled “Confidence Level of Pre-service Primary Education Teachers' Assessment Questionnaire” {CLPPEAQ) was used for the collection of data. The instrument was validated by experts in the field of primary education studies as well as research methodology. A test-retest reliability study was thereafter conducted to establish the reliability of the instrument and a reliability coefficient of 0.88 was achieved. The data collected were analyzed using descriptive and inferential statistics. The result revealed that the confidence level of pre-service primary education teachers in ilorin in was high and that there was no significant difference in the level of confidence of both male and female pre- service teachers in teaching Mathematics and Science for sustainable development. It was, therefore, concluded that the confidence level of the pre-service primary education teachers is of a satisfactory standard. It was therefore, recommended that primary education teacher training institutions should maintain this standard for sustainable development.



Confidence Level, Pre-service Teacher’s, Primary Education, Sustainable Development, Teaching Pedagogy