African Union and the Challenge of Integration in Contemporaryt International System

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Ilorin Journal of Sociology


The international system has witnessed landmark transformations in the wake of the end of Cold War and the 9/11 attacks. Across the world, there is growing interest in the formations of supranational institutions given the inherent limitation of individual states to resolve the various challenges that comfront them. Africa is no exception in this global wave of supranational institutions.l The transformation from the OAU to African Union in 2001 is a high water mark in the renewed driveto0 entrench an enduring integration framework in the region. The evolution of the African Union has raised some questions: How different is it from its predecessor? How has the prevailing environment that circumscribed the OAU changed? How well grounded is the emergence of the AU in theoretical contexts? These are some of the questions that propelled this paper. It concludes by highlighting the need to thoroughly re-engage the conceptual and theoretical basis of integration wit5h a view to charting a clear focus for the AU into the future.



Integration, African Union, Supranational Institution, Globalization, International System