African Cultural Development and the Challenges of Globalisation

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Africa 's economic, Social and political development ere closely tied to her cultural settings. which have been contributing to the continents progress since the precolonial period However. the increasing influence of globalization has continued to place heavy challenges on the continents cultural progress. Globalization, it has been argued, seeks to integrate people around the world so that economic, social and cultural barriers and restrictions are removed to facilitate smoother commercial and social relations among nations. The advocates of this phenomenon however fail to consider the cultural diversities and unequal levels of development among societies around the world with perticuler regard to Africa. Thus. the gains of globalization have largely been lopsided. with the advanced countries obtaining greatest benefits while the less-developed countries. mostly in Africa. play the followers role. It is on this premise that this paper examines Africa 's performance in the international system before globalization: the impact of the trend on the continents cultural progress: and how she can benefit from the global community without losing her unique cultural identities in order to remain relevant in the global environment These include African communal social values like respect for elders, greeting. dressing, language, songs and dances. respect for human dignity and regard for sacred institutions in the society. Also very important are the continents economic potentials which were anchored on traditional productive systems in agriculture. indigenous industries. intra and inter regional trade and commerce. The historical research method was adopted in the study with the use of relevant source materials. The paper concludes that African countries should strengthen their cultural indices and productive capacities to become strong participants and take full advantage of the opportunities offered by the global trend Through this. the continent would achieve greater relevance and benefits in the global setting. rather than a dogmatic enlistment in the jamboree, which could turn Africans to mere consumers and spectators in the increasingly competitive international environment.



globalisation, culture, Africa, cultural indices, precolonial period