Oral Narratives as Reformative Texts in Africa: Forms and Functions of Folktales and Epics

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Multimedia University of Kenya & Kenya Scholars Studies Association.


Oral narratives are anecdotal and as a result, they contain particular amusing events which aid scholars’ reconstruction of new ideas and additional values. A synthesis of theories could therefore be used in additional to the sociological approach applied to the analysis done here. The aesthetic world of African oral narratives convinces us that an oral text can be an academic subject with its own poetic narrative meaning and peculiar characteristics.The aim of this study is to recover aspects of the valuable literary culture that has not been explored enough in contemporary oral narratives. And this aim of exploring oral narratives here under its present setting, is to elevate it from abstract narratives to intellectual discourse thereby making a distinction between the nature of traditional oral art and modern art.


Development From Below and Above in Africa, Centre for Democracy, Research and Development (CEDRED), Nairobi, Kenya


Solidarity, Identity, Wisdom, Anecdotal, Sensitivity, Deconstructon, Folktale, Epic, Qualities, Standard