Development of a fruit washing machine.

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Nigerian Institution of Agricultural Engineers.


A fruit washing machine was designed and fabricated taking into consideration the techno-economic status of the micro, small and medium scale fruit farmers who are the intended users of the machine. Considerations also included high washing capacity and efficiency and the desire to make the construction materials of stainless steel to ensure the quality of the washed product. Other consideration was a strong main frame as support to ensure structural stability of the machine. The machine was designed for ergonomic value, safety and ease of operation and maintenance by incorporating guards around the moving parts and components. Rollers were also incorporated in the design to ensure easy movement of the machine. The machine was tested using 50 samples of orange for the washing operation. During the testing, the belt conveying mechanism was such that the fruits were conveyed under high jet spray pressure in order to get rid of the attached foreign materials. The test result showed that the washing capacity was 0.0163 tonnes/h or 16.3 kg/h and washing efficiency was 62.5 %. Powered by a 1 hp single phase gear electric motor, the machine has a production cost of USD 300 while all the construction materials were available locally.


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Washing, machine, fruits, oranges, washing capacity