Social Media Usage for Mental Health Information among University of Ilorin Undergraduates


The increased deterioration of mental health among undergraduates, its causes, and viable panaceas are becoming an academic concern and a populated area of study among researchers worldwide. Amidst this is a bone of contention among scholars on the relevance of social media and its role in improving or deteriorating the mental health of undergraduates. Social media and its affiliated applications may either depreciate mental health or improve it among undergraduates. Thus, through an exploratory qualitative research design, this study investigated social media usage for mental health information among University of Ilorin undergraduates to understand the consequences of social media use on their mental health. The study purposively sampled thirty undergraduates using the in-depth interview as the instrument for data collection. Findings revealed that there is high usage of social media among the undergraduates. Based on the findings, the high usage of social media is borne out of the need to gratify their mental health needs, using it to seek mental health assistance. While there is an attestation by the undergraduates that social media usage has positive consequences on their mental health, the platform is found to predispose them to depression and low self-esteem. The study recommended that mental healthcare providers should focus more on mental health advocacy on social media as this would help to give credibility to mental health information available on social media.



Mental health, Social media, Stigmatization, Uses and gratification


Kadiri, K. K., Haroon-Sulyman, S. O., Kehinde, A. A., Adejumo, P. B., & Udende, P. (2020). Social Media Usage for Mental Health Information among University of Ilorin Undergraduates.