Na Name We Go Chop?’ Public Response to Human Rights Abuses and Government Reforms of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) in Nigeria.

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UNIUYO Journal of Humanities


The activities of the Nigeria Police Force (NPF), especially one of its units, the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS), has been frequently criticised lately for its unfriendly conducts with the general public and persons suspected to be criminals. This article analysed developments in the SARS unit of the NPF, focusing on its origin, roles and problems, which are manifestations of the SARS activities, reform measures by successive governments as well as public reactions to these circumstances. The study revealed that in spite of some successes recorded by the special unit in curbing crimes and criminalities, it is still constrained by massive cases of human right abuses even when several attempts have been made to reform it. Some of the suggested recommendations included, among other considerations, the need for political will from the government to implement effective reforms.



SARS, F-SARS, Human Right Abuse, Youth, Phones, Yahoo-Yahoo


Thompson, O.O., Nwaorgu, O.G.F., Afolabi, A.S., Aduradola, R.R., Odozor, U.S & Ademola, E.O. (2019): Fake news, Hate Speech and the Implications of Government Responses in Nigeria, Journal of Communication and Media Research, 11, 2: 159-171