THE HUMAN FIGURE: An Appraisal of the Painterly Representation over the Years

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The human figure artistically for thousands of years has been a favourable subject for artists from ancient times. Through the ages the human figure has been discovered on cave walls, used in portraits activities on vases that have been used to tell stories or express belief or used to explore what epitomises being human. For the artist, the representation of the figures means more than simply reproducing a likeness of a person. Having looked at the literatures it was observed that despite the development in spheres of life, the human figure has remained uniquely the same, not evolving with time. This therefore has made the human figure to have a place in an artistic exploration. The thrust of this paper is on representations done on two dimensional surfaces within the scope of painterly renditions confined in serial successions of creative development from the ancient through modern to the past modern era. This study uses the qualitative observation methods and depends on both primary and secondary information. The research instruments include photography and scanning to provide photographic evidence of data and content, useful findings are made from the observation process which has consequently generated the following recommendation that with technology challenging its limits by day, more efforts should be made to boost the future representation of the human form



Human Figure, Painterly Representation, Ancient Modernism, Postmodernism