Associations: Cultural, Cooperative, and Religious

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Pan-African University Press, Austin, Texas


This chapter focuses on the three major types of associations among the Yorùbá ethnic group of Nigeria: cultural, cooperative, and religious associations. Different kinds of definitions have been given by scholars on what the term ‘association’ means, depending on the area of academic discipline or context of use. For instance, to a psychologist, association could refer to a connection between conceptual entities or mental states that results from the similarity between those states or their proximity in space or time. To a sociologist, association could be defined as an organized body of people who have an interest, activity, or purpose in common. An association is an organized group of persons associated together for religious, benevolent, cultural, scientific, political, patriotic, or other purposes. In this chapter, the sociological perspective is appropriate and germane.



Cultural,, Cooperative,, Religious


Culture and Customs of the Yoruba