A survey of public and private secondary school teachers preferred non-fi nancial organizational reward in Kwara State, Nigeria

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Department of Teacher Education, University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria


Organizational reward systems are all forms of financial and non-financial packages, efforts and policies built into organizations activities to pay, recognize and motivate good quantity and quality job performance among employees. This study surveyed teachers' preference for and administration of different categories of non-financial organizational rewands in public and private secondary schools in Kwara State. Cluster sampling lechnique was used to sample all the 536 teachers (i.e. 284 public teachers and 252 private teachers) in 20 randomly selected secondary schools in llorin metropolis. A researcher-made questionnaire titled Non-financial Organizational Reward System Questionnaire (NORSO) was used to elicit data. The data were analyzed using percentages and chi-square. Findings revealed that a high percentage of teachers, irrespective of teaching in private or public secondary schools, preferred social recognition/attention (65.11%) and job design technique (61.75%) types of non-financial rewards as what can motivate their job commitment. On the other hand, the least preferred non-financial reward by the teachers is the visual and auditory type (24.01%). However, their preference and non-preference for these categories of non-financial rewards were found to significantly differ on the basis of the ages of the teachers fle. whether young or older teacher). Thus. it was concluded that administering social recognition and allention and job design techniques on secondary school teachers in the state may impact positively on their job delivery depending on whether the leacher is young or older. Based on these findings, it was recommended that school owners and administrators school come up with policies that will promote use of the specified non-financial rewards, to enhance the quantity and quality of teachers' job delivery in public and private secondary schools.




Preference, Administration


Okafor, I. P. (2011): A survey of public and private secondary school teachers preferred non-fi nancial organizational reward in Kwara State, Nigeria. . African Journal of Historical Sciences in Education. 7 (2); 109-118