Managing Basic Education for Job Creation Through Emerging Technologies and Innovation in Nigeria

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Journal of Business Studies. XLII(1&2), 36-56. (A Publication of Department of Commerce, University of Calcutta, India)


Job creation in developing countries depends largely on the effective management of basic education. The main objective of this study was to investigate the influence of effective management of basic education on job creation through emerging technologies. The participants were selected from the sampled public primary schools and junior secondary schools in North west, Nigeria using stratified random sampling technique to select 712 school heads (377 head teachers & 335 principals) and 765 teachers. Pearson product moment correlation coefficient and linear regression analysis were used to test the hypotheses. The findings revealed that computer technician, phone repairing and web designing significantly contributed much to job creation. Therefore, it was recommended that school managers should focus more on computer technician skills development in basic education so as to help learners to be self-reliant and self- developed. Also, school managers should continue to encourage effective phone repairing training in basic education so as to inspire learners to establish new ways of innovative skill in running a business. Furthermore, web designing skill should be sustained in basic education in line with emerging technology for the purpose of meeting the needs of learners in terms of helping learner to develop skill in designing websites and blogs creation, developing skill in programming and database thereby empowering learner to be self-employed ad self-reliant in their respective careers.



computer technician skill;, phone repairing skill,, web designing;, job creation;, emerging technologies.