The Role of Home Economics in Higher Institution in Nigeria

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Faculty of Agriculture University of Ilorin.


ABSTRACT Home Economics Education is expected to revive the family life, help foster family solidarity, enable family members cope with the changing demands of different stages of family life and ensure wholesome relationships among family members. This review explores the role of Home Economics education in higher institutions in Nigeria. It discusses concept of Home Economics, history of Home Economics. It states the objectives of Home Economics and focuses on the role of Home Economics in higher institutions. It highlighted Home Economics areas of focus/contents and challenges facing Home Economics courses were reviewed. The researcher is of the opinion that Infusing Home Economics in higher institutions will contribute to global stability, economic, political, social development, and in fact, the world order as all these depends to a large extent on how the smallest units of individual families are morally equipped with the wherewithal to deal with challenges in an effort to make the world a better place to live in. The following recommendations were made among others. In-service education should be an integral part of the continuing efforts of government and other agencies concerned with education to promote and enhance role of Home Economics teacher's effectiveness and there should be awareness creation on the importance of Home Economics in higher institutions of learning. This review may be beneficial to policy makers and educators in their search of strategies for improving Home Economics as a course in higher institutions.



Home Economics, Higher Institution, Family Members