Religious Interpretations and their Implications on the Society in Abubakar Gimba's SAcred Apples and Elnathan John's Born on a Tuesday

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Kwara State University and Bayero University, Kano


Religious mooring and subsequent interpretation of religious tenets have resulted into religious biases. These biases have been some of the major reasons for the various religious crises abound in the world today; from Iraq to Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, etc. In the African continent, Nigeria is an example of a nation witnessing such religious crisis. As critics of societal moors, Nigerian literary artists through their literary works have lent their voice to the discourse of such religious unrests. This paper thus seeks to evaluate Abubakar Gimba’s and Elnathan John’s projections about religious crisis in Sacred Apples and Born on a Tuesday respectively, using sociological parameters. These writers, though from different religious backgrounds, in their texts revealed that religious misinterpretation is one of the bases of religious conflicts in the society today. The paper thus concludes that religious tenets as presented in the texts, advocate peaceful coexistence, fairness and justice among various elements in the society however human’s fallible tendencies have helped negate these admirable practices leading to the interpretation of religious obligations on selfish ideological whims and caprices.



Religious Conflicts, Sociological Criticism