Effects of viscous dissipation on convective rotatory chemically reacting Rivlin–Ericksen flow past a porous vertical plate

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Journal of Taibah University for Science


Viscous dissipation effects on an unsteady convective rotatory Rivlin–Ericksen flow of an incompressible electrically conducting fluid under time-dependence suction is considered. The entire system rotates through the angular velocity by the axis perpendicular to the plate. The governing equations comprising of continuity, momentum, energy and concentration equations were non-dimensionalized and reduced to ordinary differential equations using perturbation technique. The resultant coupled ordinary differential equations were solved using the Adomian decomposition method. The effects of various fluid parameters on velocity, temperature and concentration were presented in tabular and graphical forms. The results revealed that resultant fluid velocity is enhanced with an increase in rotation, viscoelastic and viscous dissipation parameter while an increase in chemical reaction retards both velocity and concentration distributions of the fluid.



Viscous dissipation, Rivlin–Ericksen fluid, diffusion-thermo, thermal-diffusion, rotatory, chemical reaction, thermal radiation