A Historical Overview of the Relationship Between Morality and Politics: The Nigerian Experience

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Department of History and International Studies, Kogi State University


In the present day Africa, with Nigeria as a case study, one observes politics of greed, corruption and violence. The Machiavellian rulership takes the place of people-centered politics and the desire for the common good. ln this regard, political leaders at ail levels are now unable to procure for the general masses what Aristotle calls "a good life" which is the basic end of any political society. The feeling of utter disgust that the current political trend in Nigeria engenders, throws up the question of the relationship between morality and politics. Applying historical and analytical methods, the paper makes an assessment of the inter-connectedness between morality and politics, using Nigeria as a case study. The paper argues that disconnect between morality and politics always goes with many socio-political vices. The paper concludes with recommendations aimed at re-engineering the country socially and politically.



Politics, Morality, Corruption, Machiavellian