The socio-economic impact of trading in used household items ( Aganmu/Basiri) at Baboko Market, Ilorin, 1980-2018

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Al-Hikmah journal of History and International Relations (AJHIR)


Human being is a social animal and this sociality explains why man always find a way out of his economic and financial problems. The sociality of human being can further be explained in term of societal classification where there are the haves and the have-nots, the reach and the poor/needy and the educated and the illiterates amongst others. The class of every individual in a society determines his tastes as well as what he purchases in the market, i.e. the quality in terms of either new or fairly used products. The class distinction in a society which is recognized by religion and culture is however responsible for the reason why a person in financial need at times sells some of his properties in order to get money. Therefore, the desire to consume and enjoy a variety of goods and services within peoples’ income was a prime factor behind the establishment of trade in used items. This paper using largely oral source and available written source attempts to flaunt the uniqueness of trading in used household items at a section of Baboko market, Ilorin, ranging from the sale of motley items by a trader to the articles of trade as well as the medium of buying and selling. It also traces the origin of the trade in Ilorin and its impacts on the people of the local community in Ilorin and Kwara as a whole.



Household used, Trade, Baboko, Market, Ilorin


Adeshina, L., Onagun, R. & Suleiman, A. A. (2019): The Socio-Economic Impact of Trading in Used Household Items (Aganmu/Basiri) at Baboko Market, Ilorin, 1980-2018. Al-Hikmah Journal of History and International Relations (AJHIR).