Effect of Manganese Additions and Wear Parameter on the Tribological Behaviour of NFGrey (8) Cast Iron

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Tribology in Industry, University of Maribor


The effect of manganese and wear parameter on the abrasive wear behaviour of NFGREY8 cast iron composition under dry lubrication conditions was investigated. The wear parameters studied are sliding speed, applied load, time and percentage of ferro-manganese additions. The experimental data were taken in a controlled way. Scanning electron microscope was used to examine the morphology of the samples. The results from linear regression equation and analysis of variances (ANOVA) shows that manganese additions, load and speed variable are more pronounced on the wear behaviour of the NFGrey (8) cast iron. The result showed that the additions of the 75 % ferro manganese grade decreases the carbon equivalent CE and fortify the matrix with the formation of tough (FeMn)3C inter-metallic leading to increased wear resistance of the examined composition.



Wear, Microstructure, Carbon equivalent, Interaction effect, Hardness