Gill parasites associated with Claria sgariepinus in Sango Fish Farms, Ilorin, Kwara State,

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Library and Publications Committee, University of Ilorin.


A study was carried out on gill parasites associated with Clarias gariepinus in Sango fish farm, in Ilorin, Kwara State. A total of Eighty-One (81) Clarias gariepinus were obtained from the fish farm in Ilorin. The fish were examined for gill parasites. Four different gill parasites were identified namely: Acanthocephala spp, Gyrodactylus spp, Procamallanus spp and Trichodina spp. Out of the Eighty-One (81) C. gariepinus examined, 23 (61.67%) were infected and were observed to harbour One Hundred and Two (102) gill parasites. Percentage of Infection was highest in fish ranging from 41.0 – 50.0 cm (100%) while fish ranging from 20.0 - 31.0 cm had the least percentage of infection (23.80%). Highest infections (100%) were observed among the fish specimens that weighed between 410.0 - 500.0g. Fewer parasites (10%) were observed among the fish specimen that weighed between 210.0- 300.0g. while fish specimen that weighed between 100.0 — 200.0 g had intermediate numbers of parasites (32.72%). Percentage and Index of infection (31.11% and 16.17) were more significant in males than in females (30.56% and 15.27) respectively. Statistical relationship between the fish farm and gill parasites infestation was highly significant. High statistical relationship was also observed between gill parasite infestation, sex and size of C. gariepinus. The study concluded that there were gill parasites in C. gariepinus species from Sango in Ilorin. The study recommends regular treatment of cultures Clarias gariepinus fish for maximum yield, aquaculture health and general well-being



Gill, parasites, Clarias gariepinus, fish farm and Ilorin