Efficient Data Hiding System Using Cryptography and Steganography

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International Journal of Applied Information Systems


Increase in the number of attack recorded during electronic exchange of information between the source and intended destination has indeed called for a more robust method for securing data transfer. Cryptography and steganography are well known and widely used techniques that manipulate information in order to cipher or hide their existence. These two techniques share the common goals and services of protecting the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information from unauthorized access. In this paper, a data hiding system that is based on audio steganography and cryptography is proposed to secure data transfer between the source and destination. Audio medium is used for the steganography and a LSB (Least Significant Bit) algorithm is employed to encode the message inside the audio file. The proposed system was evaluated for effectiveness and the result shows that, the encryption and decryption methods used for developing the system make the security of the proposed system more efficient in securing data from unauthorized access. The system is therefore, recommended to be used by the Internet users for establishing a more secure communication.



Electronic exchange; cryptography; steganography; Least Significant Bit; algorithm