Dating patterns of undergraduates of tertiary institutions in Kwara State, Nigeria

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Counsellors Association of Nigeria.


Dating is a major phenomenon in Nigerian tertiary institutions in which youth enter into many years before they contemplate on marriage. The paper investigated the dating patterns of undergraduates of tertiary institutions in Kwara State. A total of 640 undergraduates were selected using purposive sampling technique to select ten tertiary institutions for the study. Data were collected from the respondents using an instrument titled "Dating Patterns of Undergraduates Questionnaire" (DPUQ). The hypotheses generated were analyzed using 1 test statistics and Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) at 0.05 alpha level. The findings of the study indicated that there was no significant difference in the dating patterns of the respondents on the basis of religion and school type. However, there was a significant difference on dating patterns on the basis of the age and gender. Recommendations were made on the desirability of establishing counselling centres in institutions of higher learning in Nigeria. The study also stressed the need for students to be regularly sensitized on how to promote positive attitude towards healthy dating habits



Dating, Dating patterns, Undergraduates