Product Positioning Strategies and Customers' Choice of Cosmetic Products in Lagos State

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Department of Public Administration, Faculty of Management Sciences, University of Ilorin, Ilorin, Nigeria


Manufacturers deal with a number of uncertainties, trending technologies and the tendency of peer influences among users of goods and for them to gain competitive advantages and new markets, organisations try to surpass their competitors by positioning their products in the mind of users through quality and pocket-friendly products. It is based on the aforementioned that the study examined the impact of product positioning on the choice of cosmetic products. The intention of this study focuses mainly on the impact of product pricing positioning strategies and quality position strategies on the customer’s choice of cosmetic products. 265 structured questionnaires were administered but only 247 were correctly filled and returned by the respondents. Multiple regression techniques were used in analysing the data with a confidence level of 0.05. Results showed that there is a moderate positive relationship between price positioning strategies and customers' choice of cosmetic product



Product Positioning, Price Positioning Strategies, Quality Position Strategies


1. Olowo, A.A., Bello, K.A., Imoukhome, E.O. &AbduRaheem, M. (2019). Product Positioning Strategies and Customer’ Choice of Cosmetic Products in Lagos State,Nigeria. Ilorin Journal of Administration and Development,5 (2): 64-73. Publication of Department of Public Administration, University of Ilorin, Nigeria