Short-Term Variation of Duty Cycle in the VHF and UHF Bands


worrisome with respect to scarce resources of the radio spectrum. TV bands, spanning across has being in existence for quite a while now and much of the frequency bands, within these range, have been allocated to FM stations, TV stations and DTV stations in Nigeria. In this paper we conducted a 24-hours outdoor measurement of spectrum occupancy in both rural and urban locations in Kwara State, Nigeria, spanning across the frequency range of 48.5 MHz – 870 MHz. The results obtained show that TV band 3 was the most occupied TV band in both rural and urban areas, with occupancy of up 20.26% and 37.27% respectively. Also the mean average of the duty cycle in the urban location is 12.02% compared to 2.58% in the rural locations. Findings from this measurements show that there is ample opportunity for deployment of software defined radio for a more efficient utilization of the spectrum.


Babalola,O.D., Garba, E.,Temitope, O.I., Bamiduro,A.S.,Faruk, N., Sowande, O.A., Bello,O.W., A.A.Ayeni and Muhammad, M.Y. (2015): Short-Term Variation of Duty Cycle in the VHF and UHF Bands, Proceeding IEEE International Conference on Cyberspace, Abuja, E.S. Dandaura (eds.), 197-201.


Short-Term, Duty Cycle, VHF, UHF