An evaluation of Sahara Reporters as a platform of participatory journalism

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Published by Department of Mass Communication, Novena University, Ogume, Delta State, Nigeria


This study examined the role of Sahara Reporters as online media. The aim was to make sense of the phenomenon of participatory journalism considered in the context of the historical evolution of public communication. The study, which was anchored on libertarian theory of mass communication, adopted qualitative content analysis. It purposively selected some publications of Sahara Reporters between January and June, 2014. The news stories purposively selected cut across social, economic and political themes. Results showed a robust coverage of issues and active participation of audience with a bias in certain issues particularly insecurity which is the dominant theme. Also, audiences have diverse impression on the type and quality of issues Sahara Reporters cover. Therefore, it recommended among other things, self-censorship by reporters including the active audience that participate on the online platform.



Sahara Reporters, participatory journalism, online media, libertarian theory, objectivity


Udende, P., Ashiekpe, J. A. & Mustapha, M. L. (2016). An evaluation of Sahara Reporters as a platform of participatory journalism. Novena Journal of Communication, 1, 37-51