The future of African Religion, Islam, Christianity and Science in Africa

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University of Ilorin: African Center for Religions and the Sciences


Introduction The nature of African Religion is such that it gives serious significance to the physical cosmos. The religion itself evolved via the conception of the African peoples of their environment. To the people, God is seen, felt, and experienced in ever}thing. This is echoed in Bolaji Idowaf s popular saving " Africans are everything religious.' In this regard the African (especially the traditional African) holds in high esteem all of the creatures of God, both animate and inanimate. Everything, no matter how little, eveiyone no matter how seemingly insignificant, has its importance in the order of the created world. So modern science readily fmds absolute relevance in the religious life of the Africans for it agrees totally with the general African Cosmology. Furthermore, African Religion and African Science complement each other; they are interwoven. This is largely due to the fact that a lot of spirituality is involved with some preparations of African Science, By African Science we mean an African account of nature and how it works. This account contains hypotheses, many of which are not acceptable to the people of Western culture. The testing ground of ail sciences, be it African or Western.



African Religion, Islam, Christianity, Science in Africa