Assessment of Technology Integration by Senior Secondary School Teachers of Science and Mathematics

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ATBU, Journal of Science, Technology & Education (JOSTE)


Qualitative education is a correlate of technological development in many countries. The trend of scholastic studies in technological integration in classrooms have reported better performance from students taught using technology. Integration is mostly done by teachers with a view to improve students’ performance, hence, this study investigated technology integration by senior school science and mathematics teachers in Ilorin, Nigeria. Forty-two female and seventy-three male teachers were sampled. Teachers’ Technology Integration Assessment (TTIA) questionnaire elicited data to answer four research questions generated in this study. Descriptive statistics of frequency, percentage and charts were employed. Thirty one percent of teachers’ use technology in their classroom against 69% who do not. Twenty-three percentage indicated weekly, 32% monthly and 45% occasionally integrated technology in their classrooms. Also, less experienced teachers integrated technology most among experienced, moderately experienced and less experienced teachers. Male teachers integrated technology more than the female teachers in this study.



Technology Integration, Senior Secondary School Teachers, Science and Mathematics


(iii) Badmus O. T., Sulaiman M. M., Imam B. T., Omosewo E. O. (2018). Assessment of technology integration by senior secondary school teachers of science and mathematics. ATBU Journal of Science, Technology and Education, 6(1); 9-16, published by Faculty of Technology Education, Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University Bauchi. Available Online at