Effects of partial slippage and couple stresses on entropy generation in a porous channel filled with highly porous medium

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Ilorin Journal of Science. Faculty of Physical Sciences, University of Ilorin. Ilorin.


This work investigates the influence of slip condition and couple stresses on entropy generation rate in a steadyflow of an incompressible viscous fluid through a porous channel occupied by a highly porous medium withsuction/injection. It is assumed that the “no-slip” condition at one of the walls of the channel is no longer validfor both velocity and temperature. Also the porous medium is the non-Darcian type known as the Darcyextended Brinkman-Forchheimer model. Semi-Analytical solutions of the dimensionless momentum and energyequations are obtained using Differential transform method (DTM). The approximate solutions for velocity andtemperature are used to compute the Entropy generation rate, Bejan number and the Irreversibility distributionratio in the flow field. The variation of the velocity and temperature fields are examined for various values ofcouple stresses parameter, slip parameter, Brinkman number, entropy generation number, Darcy number,Nusselt number, skin fiction and other parameters. It is found that each of these parameters has significant effecton the velocity, temperature and Entropy generation rate profiles.



Couple stresses, Slip condition, Entropy generation rate, Porous medium, Differential transform method