Poverty in Nigeria and Marxian Class Theory: Moral Re-Appraisal as a Paradigm

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Institute for African Renaissance Studies Education, University of South Africa.


Today, with only ten years to go in the 21st century, the modern African has become increasingly and excruciatingly aware of this concept of poverty and its implication in terms of social identity and cultural authenticity. In fact, conceptually, poverty is fast becoming a global paradox. By and large, poverty, in places far and near, has assumed the face of a child, man, woman, value, religion, ideology and morality. More than twenty countries in Africa have been lumped up among the poorest in the world. At this threshold of the 21st century, the greatest challenge to the African leaders, particularly Nigeria, apart from the perennial search for socio-political growth and stability, is perhaps the accurate identification and great help to the pauperized and the underprivileged.



excruciatingly, conceptually, poverty, religion, morality, ideology