Integrative Review of Literature on Competitive Intelligence as a Catalyst for Enhanced and Electronic Library Service Delivery

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Library, Archive and Museum Research Journal


The primary aim of this paper was to improve the library's competitive position in the information world by providing electronic service delivery based on competitive intelligence skills that can serve users and their information needs. Competitive intelligence as a panacea for offering enhanced library services has been the subject of existing literature and since it is a current issue that has not received adequate representation in the literature, hence, making inferences based on the available document sources is the main goal of this review article. In the domain of library and information science, competitive intelligence focuses on the systematic and coordinated surveillance of competitors in a specific task or service delivery, wherever they may be. Library services are taking a new dimension in accordance with competitive intelligence standards and strategies. Traditional modes of information provision and delivery have given way to electronic and web-based information, according to a global trend. If not absolutely, physical collections are giving way to electronic or digital collections. Libraries are progressing in their alignment with ICT realities, primarily by automating library routines such as acquisition, information handling and management, charging and discharging, serials management, developing online catalogues and other retrieval aids, creating institutional repositories, developing library websites, and providing online information services, among other things, in order to achieve competitive intelligence over others in the information management value chain.



Competitive Intelligence, Electron Library Services, Information and Communication Technology, Digital Libraries, Information Database


Zainab Olanihun AMBALİ, Olabisi Fadeke ADESİNA, Tunde Toyese OYEDOKUN, Laaro DOLAPO MEDİNAT, Library, Archive and Museum Research Journal